A dedicated debt collection agency

At Svensk Betalningskontroll we care about our clients! We have been building long lasting client relationships for over 20 years. We understand the importance of maintaining good client relations and it is not only our job to make sure that our clients get their money, but also to give the person who is in debt a chance to pay their debts and improve their situation. 

Is it worth it to let a debt collection agency handle your unpaid bills?
The answer is that it is almost always profitable to get help from a collection agency like Betalningskontroll. With the combination of effective and modern processes for handling claims and a broad economic and legal competence we have made our debt collection measures very cost-efficient. The prospects of getting your debt collection expenses reimbursed contribute further to lowering the net cost. 
A further advantage of using a debt collection agency is that you get more time to spend on your company’s value-adding activities rather than spending unnecessary time and effort on handling late payers. As a result of this, your client relations often improve. 
How likely is it that the debt collection will be successful?
The fact is that an overdue debt that is not subject to a dispute sooner or later gets paid if the other party has an income or any other assets. Most people pay voluntarily after we contact them.  In case that does not happen we proceed with the case, using one of the many legal measures we have at our disposal. If a debt is subject to a dispute we primarily try to solve the disagreement without going to court. If the two parties cannot reach an agreement we pursue legal proceedings in court. Betalningskontroll is specialized in handling small civil cases, an area where traditional law firms rarely are a suitable alternative. 
Join us today! To register with us is free of charge and unlike many other debt collection agencies we do not have any binding period or annual fee.

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Cash is king and credit makes the crown.

Karl Alklev, CEO Betalningskontroll AB