Good reasons to choose Betalningskontroll

Svensk Betalningskontroll AB is a well established collection agency with over 20 year’s experience. We undertake debt collections, business legal matters and sell credit information. 
Our business model is based on establishing long-lasting relations with our clients, where no annual fee or binding time exists. Our method of collection consists of a combination of voluntary measures and forceful legal action. We work quickly and focused, often actively by telephone.  This concept has led us to become a constantly growing company with over 2600 clients, ranging from well established large businesses to newly formed one-man enterprises. 
With friendly and experienced collection administrators, our own attorney Halina Lind and Gothenburg lawyer Kristofer Munde at the firm GRANIT AB and Stockholm lawyer Stefan Christensson at Christensson & Roth Advokater AB, we are a good option as a partner for credit.
Well managed credits are important parts of a business but can be difficult to maintain. The legal framework can be hard to understand and navigate. Business is becoming more and more internationalized with growing trade across national boarders, and the increased influence from the European Union on the regulations has made credit handling even more complex. A great advantage of working with an agency like Betalningskontroll is the expertise and the international network that we offer. Within out company there is a broad economical and legal competence and Betalningskontroll is part of the international association of independent debt-collecting firms - League International for Creditors.

Welcome to Svensk Betalningskontroll AB!