Our services

Reduce interest expenses, management costs and customer losses all at once: Get effective debt collection routines!

Often enough a debt collection notice will suffice. With us you pay no annual fee.

According to Swedish debt collection law the total debt, including interest and costs, is due within eight days unless a written objection is given. If not, an application may be submitted to the Swedish enforcement authority, which might involve the registration of credit records.

In fact, all who can pay, do pay when they receive a debt collection notice from us.

For best results, we recommend our engagement at an early stage, after a payment notice. No contact from the customer usually means that there is something wrong. You need information and the appropriate measures in order to not disrupt customer relations.

We customize our work according to your needs, acting as an agent for you in disputes and giving you general advice regarding credit issues. We always have time for those who choose to contact us, our services are no further away than the nearest telephone or computer.

As a customer you get:

  • a personal contact
  • access to legal advice from our lawyers
  • access to our customer services
  • assistance to develop your collection routines
  • assistance to minimize your credit costs
  • a business partner

What could be better?